Infrastructure Monitoring

If you have one or more servers that you rely on for your business, you need to know its online and running 24/7.  Don’t wait until you need it, only to find out it crashed or went offline during the night.

Whether you have 1 or 100 servers, physical, virtual or in the cloud, we can offer you a custom monitoring solution either using our own custom monitoring system that will email, SMS and voice call you if your server goes down OR we’ll help you integrate your existing infrastructure with one of the major monitoring platforms such as Datadog or Logic Monitor.

If you don’t want to take the alerts yourself, we’ll take them for you and notify you if there’s a problem. We’ll even proactively resolve the issue so that your servers and services are available when you need them.

We can also create custom dashboards so that you can see all your infrastructures data and stats in realtime.

Custom dashboards for infrastructure monitoring

We don’t just monitor servers, we can also monitor the services that run on them (web servers, FTP servers, audio streams and much more).

Contact us to discuss your requirements.